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Nuffield School

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Meet Thanuj  – he’s 8 years old and completely blind. He was born at the end of a civil war in Sri Lanka and now lives at the Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind as an orphan. This school is his home. Thanuj is just like any other child his age – he loves to play, eat ice cream and avoid doing his chores but also craves the attention of his teachers who look after him.

In 2012 the Serendib committee ventured to Sri Lanka to meet the students at Nuffield. We were amazed by the children’s ability to bounce back from the destruction of civil war and just be kids. Little Thanuj is one of the many inspiring children we had the privilege of meeting. These kids are the motivation for our project.

The Nuffield School for Deaf and Blind provides primary and secondary education for children with physical disabilities and board for those who are orphaned or abandoned. The work it does is unique and crucial in a community where physical disabilities are often stigmatised and support inadequate. In our opinion, Nuffield is an institution that deserves to be preserved.

Progress so far

1. 175 children benefit from a more conducive learning environment 

2. 110 new pupils have received a better start to their education  

3. 105 children benefit from better accommodation and facilities in the hostels 

4. The kitchen staff now work in a clean, indoor kitchen to provide nutritious food for the children and staff

Nuffield School at a Glance 

Built in 1956, as a 14-acre facility 

175 Full-Time Students, 61% of whom reside at the school 

School curriculum covers Grades 1 to O-Levels 

31 teaching staff, 29 ground staff

Remaining building work: 

- Admin/Class Room block (22 Rooms) 

- Middle Garden/Grounds 

The Campaign for Nuffield has a fundraising target of £300,000 for the re-development of the school. Based on consultations with the school and local organisations the size of our campaign is a realistic assessment of the financial outlay required to complete the infrastructural phase of our work with Nuffield. 

Our commitment to the school takes into consideration the urgency of its needs and the rebuild will be run alongside our fundraising efforts.

Building work completed: 

Boys’ Hostel  

Girls’ Hostel  

Blind Boys’ Hostel    

Kitchen & Dining Room  


Principal’s Bungalow